Garden Competition Judging Criteria 2016

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It is intended to be a helpful guide to competitors when preparing their garden for entry. Play at the best casino with us on casino 25 euro bonus ohne einzahlung. Bonus for the first 100 people!

A. Overall Impact

The “wow factor.” Once you have had a quick look around, these are those vital first impressions.

B. Sustainability
  • Spring
    What is there of interest for the early part of the season?
  • Summer
    In June and July this is easy!
  • Autumn
    Does the planting allow for colour after the summer “flush”?
  • Winter
    Are there shrubs which will give shape and form and some colour? Will there be winter berries?
C. Paths

A bit of concrete outside the backdoor and a long straight path down the centre of the garden will only get 1 or 2 marks.

However, a curving path that disappears out of sight, thus leading you on into the garden (and made of a material to suit the garden), will get a much higher mark.

D. Features

Water, arches, statues, pergolas or any “artificial” part of the garden. The score will reflect how well this feature has been integrated into the garden. Does it work?

E. Maintenance

How good does it look on the day? Is the grass cut and are the beds weed free?

F. Compost

Are there composting facilities? The disposal of garden waste can be a problem but composting is ideal and the plant nutrients are not lost from the garden.

G. Family Needs

How well is the garden adapted for family needs? This covers many things that you have to have in a garden but that you may not want!

Sheds, dustbins, washing lines and children’s play equipment – are they just plonked in a corner or are they hidden, or made into a feature?

H. Suitability

Does the garden compliment the house and set it off?